Food Handling, FoodSafe and Food Safety Courses in Canada

Food Safety Canada

Canada has regulations in place that require candidates working in the food preparation and serving industry to be certified in FoodSafe, food safety and food handling. These course are regulated by provincial regulations and bylaws and have slightly different outlines and courses in each province. Canada does not have a national program and leaves the regulation up to each province. All the courses essentially offer the same education and skills training.

Different Course Types:

Depending on your province you will likely be required to take one of the following courses that meet provincial standards:

  • Food Handling / Handler – Offered in Manitoba and Saskatchewan
  • Food Safety and Handling – Offered throughout Canada
  • FoodSafe Level 1 – Offered in British Columbia
  • FoodSafe Level 2 – Offered in British Columbia
  • Food Safety – Offered in Ontario
  • AHS Food Safety – Offered in Alberta

All ten Canadian provinces have their own provincially regulated course.

Course Length:

The majority of courses offered take approximately 8 hours to complete. They are usually completed within one day, however, at some locations our training partners offer courses within two days at 4 hours per day. Some provinces like Alberta and British Columbia (FoodSafe level 2) offer two day courses that are approximately 14 to 16 hours in length.


We are partnered with the highest quality training providers in Canada. All of our training providers offer provincially recognized certification courses and in some provinces apply candidates names to the provincial registry. To register for a course select your required certification course from the side menu bar or main menu to be directed to our training partners website for that certification. Once you select your location, date and time,  fill out the simple, secure and convenient registration form and pre-pay to guarantee yourself a spot in the course. Space is limited, register early to ensure you have a space in the class.


No prerequisites are required for these courses. The only courses that require a prerequisite is FoodSafe level 2 and food safety level 2 which requires a prerequisite of FoodSafe or food safety level 1.

Course Cost:

The cost of a food safety or food handling course in Canada varies depending on the your province, required course and training provider. Courses vary in price from 55 dollars to 125 dollars. Most courses cost approximately 70 dollars.


Candidates that successfully complete the food safety or food handling course will receive certification that meets provincial regulations. Candidates will immediately receive the certificate once they successfully complete the skills portion and the multiple choice test. Candidates are required to have at least 70% on the multiple choice test to pass the course. Certification can be in either a wallet size card or a wall mount certificate.