Food Handling, FoodSafe and Food Safety Courses in Canada

Who Needs Food Safety?

Many candidates are unaware of who needs food safe or food handling certification. This page is designed to help candidates understand the people that need certification in food safety and food handling.

Candidates that work in the following industries are typically required to have food safety certification:

  • Food-service industry.
  • Hospitality.
  • Care Givers.
  • Kitchen Managers.
  • Executive Chefs.
  • Food service managers
  • Anyone who prepares food.
  • People required by provincial law.
  • Owners of food-service operations.
  • All food service personnel who are responsible for the receiving, preparing and serving of food.

More specific regulations in some provinces require that:

  • The person in charge must have completed a food handler training course.
  • Food establishments with more than 5 food handlers working at one time must have a food handler on duty at all times.
  • Some currently food safety or food handling certificate owners may be required to renew certification.

Many candidates that register for food safety or food handling programs are candidates looking to be employed in the food service industry. Many employers expect candidates to be already certified in food safety or food handling prior to applying for the jobs. A provincially regulated food safety certification can make the difference between employment or not. We strongly recommend that candidates that are looking for employment as either servers, chef’s or kitchen managers be certified. People that are looking to own food-service establishments or manage them should obtain a food safety certificate prior to opening the establishment. Health food inspectors can also request that more employee’s attend the course or current certificate holders re-certify. Certification does not expire, however, candidates may be required to re-take the course by health regulating officials.